clockwise là gì

The hunter selects a velocity uniformly at random between 0 and 1 and proceeds in a clockwise direction according to tướng this velocity.

Suppose the counterclockwise circulating thành viên of the dipole is closer to tướng the wall than thở the clockwise thành viên.

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All genes are transcribed in the clockwise direction.

Thus, dopamine did not alter the shape of the curves relating the length constant to tướng membrane potential or their course of development (clockwise fashion).

In region 11, stable steady convection can exist in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

The depicted direction of rotation is clockwise as seen from above.

The stages commence at the top and move in clockwise direction.

After the base rotates about 8 degrees (clockwise) over the front edge, the implement retracts back to tướng regain the stability.

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When the grating was rotated ten degrees clockwise or counterclockwise from sagittal, participants' perceptions of the bar's orientation were overestimated in the opposite direction.

Turning clockwise changes pitch from low to tướng high.

We refer to tướng clockwise movement as the forward movement of a variable.

Making a clockwise angulation with the transducer, we obtained a transverse section in order to tướng study the ventriculoinfundibular region.

It must be pointed out that the clockwise (counterclockwise) rotation is measured by the positive (negative) angle.

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In the next half cycle from left to tướng right, a clockwise vortex is shed downwards.

In the tip region, the approaching vortex with a clockwise circulation causes a positive peak in the pressure fluctuation.

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