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I. Đề đua tham khảo quality đầu xuân năm mới môn Anh lớp 7 năm 2023 (số 1)

Bản quyền thuộc sở hữu VnDoc ngặt nghèo cấm từng hành động sao chép vì thế mục tiêu thương mại

I/ Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part

1. A. chemical

B. children

C. headache

D. architect

2. A. type

B. fly

C. early

D. recycle

3. A. tiger

B. wife

C. fire

D. wisdom

II/ Choose the odd one out

1. A. sugar

B. bottle

C. packet

D. tube

2. A. hungry

B. thirsty

C. tired

D. love

3. A. eye

B. hair

C. arm

D. tomato

III/ Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb tense

1. The boy (learn) _____________ for three years, but he can't understand this letter.

2. If I see him, I (give) _____________ him a lift.

3. I (not be)_____________very happy yesterday.

IV/ Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

1. Could you turn up the ________ please. I can’t hear that singer very well.

A. channel

B. programme

C. volume

D. television

2. Let’s take a look at the weather ________ now!

A. forecast

B. presentation

C. broadcast

D. programme

3. ________ up the tree! You’ll fall down.

A. Climb

B. Climbing

C. Not đồ sộ climb

D. Don’t climb

4. ________ are the Olympic Games held? - Every four years.

A. When

B. Where

C. How long

D. How often

5. __________ pollution can cause hearing loss.

A. Air

B. Water

C. Noise

D. Soil

6. We should use reusable shopping bags __________ plastic bags.

A. instead of

B. because of

C. in spite of

D. place of

V/ Choose the correct answers đồ sộ complete the passage.

The Ha Long Bay is (1) ________ in Quang Ninh Province in Vietnam. The name of the cất cánh is roughly translated đồ sộ descending dragon in Vietnamese. The cất cánh is a UNESCO World Heritage (2) ________ and is lined by over a 1600 limestone islands and islets.

Legend has it that, when the Vietnamese were protecting their territory (3) ________ invaders, they offered prayers đồ sộ their gods who then sent dragons as the protectors of the place. (4) ________ the invaders were approaching via sea, the dragons spat out Jewels creating islands that lined the cất cánh and obstructed the ships and boats of the invaders.

Ha Long Bay is one of the (5) ________ popular tourist destinations and is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. You can opt for a (6) ________ cruise, that will take you as close đồ sộ a lot of these islets.

1. A. visited

B. located

C. followed

D. discovered

2. A. Nature

B. Sight

C. Wonder

D. Site

3. A. from

B. with

C. to

D. by

4. A. What

B. Where

C. When

D. Which

5. A. much

B. many

C. more

D. most

6. A. train

B. boat

C. plane

D. bus

VI/ Read the text, and decide if the statements are true (T) or false

The trang chủ of the future

When you’re out of the house, is the fridge on the phone đồ sộ the supermarket? Is the heating system having a word with the bath? And when you get back trang chủ, does the doorknob recognise you and say hello? Probably not, but in the house of the future all this - and more - is possible.

Researchers say that technology will transform your trang chủ in ways you can only dream about. Nanotechnology will play an important role. It will clean your windows. Intelligent spoons will kiểm tra how hot or cold your soup is and the walls will sense if anyone is in your garden.

The next generation of fridges will use the Internet đồ sộ make sure your food stays fresh and they’ll get in touch with the supermarket đồ sộ order some more and you’ll never run rẩy out of milk again.

When you are on the way trang chủ and feel lượt thích a warm bath, all you have đồ sộ bởi is sending a text message đồ sộ the heating system. The heating system warms the water and even runs the bath sánh that as soon as you walk through the front door, you can jump in and relax.

Welcome đồ sộ the smart trang chủ of the future!

1. Houses in the future will be smarter kêu ca today’s houses.

2. Nanotechnology will help protect your house.

3. The fridge will remind you when đồ sộ go đồ sộ the supermarket.

4. You can control your heating system by using text messages.

5. Researchers say a smart house is just a dream.

VI/ Rewrite these following sentences

1. It’s not good đồ sộ spend a lot of time watching TV.

You _________________________________________

2. A bicycle is more convenient kêu ca a siêu xe in towns.

A siêu xe is ______________________________________

3. How much is that pen?

How much does_______________________________ ?

4. Let’s have a picnic in the park on the weekend.

Why ________________________________________?

5. It’s a good for you đồ sộ take exercise every day.

You ________________________________________

II. Khảo sát quality đầu xuân năm mới giờ Anh lớp 7 - Đề 2

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently for the rest

1. A. this

B. think

C. thank

D. thieves

2. A. watch

B. channel

C. children

D. schedule

3. A. newsreader

B. weather

C. week

D. leave

Write the correct khuông or tense of the verbs in brackets.

4. ____________ (you/ watch) the news on TV last night?

5. They ____________ (be) đồ sộ London many times this year.

6. My cousin ____________ (be) in Canada two years ago.

Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

7. Breda goes jogging every morning đồ sộ keep ___________.

A. exercise

B. trained

C. fit

D. health

8. ___________ is a marathon in miles? ~ About 26 miles.

A. How often

B. How many

C. How long

D. How wide

9. Soil pollution can lead đồ sộ lack __________ food.

A. for

B. in

C. on

D. of

10. __________ pollution can cause hearing loss.

A. Air

B. Water

C. Noise

D. Soil

11. _______ can help children improve their basic learning skills.

A. trang chủ robots

B. Doctor robots

C. Worker robots

D. Teaching robots

12. _______ robots replace teachers in the classroom within the next ten years?

A. Do

B. Could

C. Are

D. Will

Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the word following letter.

Dear Mary,

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I'm very glad đồ sộ know that you are going đồ sộ visit Ha Noi this summer. Would you lượt thích bu đồ sộ tell you something (13) __________ Ha Noi before you go?

Well, Ha Noi is a cultural and political center of Viet Nam. In Ha Noi, you can find ancient houses and modern buildings. Ha Noi is a large thành phố now, and there are many places worth (14)__________. You can visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, One-Pillar Pagoda, Kiem Lake and West Lake. Besides, you can enjoy the Vietnamese food, (15) __________, grilled fish, spring rolls, steamed rolls and "pho" - a special dish of Viet Nam. However, I would lượt thích đồ sộ recommend that you (16) __________visit Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa because these places attract a lot of visitors due đồ sộ their magnificent caves, beautiful limestone islands and natural landscapes in Ha Long Bay and their tribal villages, nice mountain slopes and jungles streams in Sa Pa.

I am looking forward đồ sộ seeing you in Ha Noi and I hope you (17)__________have a nice holiday in Viet Nam.



13. A. about

B. of

C. at

D. in

14. A. seeing

B. see

C. seen

D. saw

15. A. as

B. of

C. such as

D. such

16. A. can

B. should

C. would

D. may

17. A. have to

B. may

C. will

D. must

Read the story and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

On Saturday, Patricia was in the park when she saw a boy on a mountain xe đạp. He was on the hill when suddenly he fell off his xe đạp. Patricia ran over đồ sộ help. "Where's my helmet?" he shouted. It was under a park bench sánh Patricia went đồ sộ get it. Just then another boy ran past, took the boy's mountain xe đạp and rode away. "Stop!" Patricia shouted. She ran after the other boy and stopped him. He got off the xe đạp and ran away. Patricia took the xe đạp back đồ sộ the boy, "Thank you, Patricia," he said. "How bởi you know my name?" Patricia asked. "I live next đồ sộ you," he said. "My name's Tom". On Sunday Tom left some flowers on her doorstep đồ sộ say "thank you".


T/ F

18. Patricia was in the street when she saw a boy on a mountain xe đạp.

19. The boy fell off his xe đạp.

20. Another boy rode away with his helmet.

21. Patricia stopped the other boy and took the xe đạp back.

22. Tom gave Patricia a CD đồ sộ say "thank you".

Complete the second sentence sánh that it has the same meaning đồ sộ the first one. Use the word in brackets.

23. Peter knew how đồ sộ skate when he was 12. (could)

Peter ___________________________________

24. The last time they visited Europe was two years ago. (not)

They ___________________________________

25. Robots are not as intelligent as humans. (than)

Humans _________________________________

Complete each of the following sentences using the cues given. You can change the cues and use other words in addition đồ sộ the cues đồ sộ complete the sentences.

26. Overpopulation/ bring/ many problems/ like/ crimes/ unemployment.

→ ________________________________________________________

27. Every country/ should do/ something/ control/ population.

→ ________________________________________________________

28. Some/ measure/ should/ empower/ laws.

→ ________________________________________________________

29. People/ must/ aware/ effects/ overpopulation.

→ ________________________________________________________

30. Methods/ đồ sộ control/ population/ should/ carry out/ soon.

→ ________________________________________________________

Đề đánh giá quality môn giờ Anh lớp 7 - Đề 3

Exercise 1: Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. A. natural

B. solar

C. planet

D. fact

2. A. window

B. show

C. grow

D. allow

3. A. think

B. bath

C. clothes

D. through

4. A. read

B. teacher

C. eat

D. ahead

5. A. question

B. nation

C. station

D. information

Exercise 2: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense or form

1. How often _____________ (you/ do) household chores? ~ Every day.

2. Twenty years ago, most people around the world _____________ (not know) what the Internet was.

3. If we dump all sorts of chemicals into rivers, we _____________ (not be able to) swim in them in the future.

Exercise 3: Give the correct khuông of the words

1. This tree has a lot of green ............................ . LEAF

2. I don‟t lượt thích ............................ weather SUN

3. Mai’s sister is a ............................ . SING

4. His ............................ are small and white. TOOTH

5. Lee is from Trung Quốc. She is ............................ . CHINA

Exercise 4: Choose the correct answer

1. She is the ...................... of all the girls in my class.

A. pretty

B. prettiest

C. prettier

D. more prettier

2. Don't be late ...................... your school.

A. on

B. at

C. to

D. for

3. ....................... bởi you get there? - We walk, of course.


B. What

C. How by

D. How

4. What about ...................... đồ sộ Hue on Sunday.

A. đồ sộ go

B. go

C. going

D. goes

5. These are my clothes, and those are ...................... .


B. your

C. yours

D. your‟s

6. His mother is a doctor. She works in a ...................... .


B. post office

C. restaurant

D. cinema

7. …………… robots can help đồ sộ teach children in the classroom, they will never replace teachers.

A. When

B. Although

C. Because

D. If

8. There are lots of…………. problems nowadays, mainly because of pollution.

A. natural

B. social

C. practical


9. To…………….. waste we should avoid buying products with a lot of packaging.

A. recycle

B. reuse

C. reduce

D. remake

10. You should donate your old clothes, toys and furniture đồ sộ people in ________.

A. order

B. fact

C. need

D. case

Exercise 5: Read the text carefully, then decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).


What will life for teenagers be lượt thích in the year 2030? For the start, computers will be everywhere and they will bởi everything for us.

We won’t have alarm clocks in the future. A picture in your bedroom will become a computer screen and it’ll wake you up and say hello. You’ll walk into the kitchen and the toaster and coffee machine will recognise your voice and automatically make you your breakfast.

Your computer will remind you đồ sộ bởi your homework. You won’t need a backpack, because all your text books will be digital and they’ll be on one e-reader.

In your classroom, the top of your desk will become a computer screen. You’ll touch the screen đồ sộ connect đồ sộ the Internet, but you won’t be able đồ sộ send or receive personal messages.

You won’t have đồ sộ go đồ sộ the shopping centre đồ sộ buy your clothes. You’ll buy a sweater online and it’ll be right size because a computer will scan your toàn thân.

Everyone will have a touch screen phone with GPS, sánh you’ll never get lost. The bad news is that your parents will use the GPS đồ sộ know exactly where you are!

1. Life in the future will be better and more convenient.

2. A robot will make your breakfast every morning.

3. Students won’t have đồ sộ bởi their homework because their computer will bởi it.

4. There will be no more textbooks in classes.

5. At a clothes cửa hàng, a computer will scan your toàn thân for measurements.

6. Students will be able đồ sộ send and receive their personal messages in the classroom.

7. GPS will be used đồ sộ find out where you are.

Exercise 6: Rewrite each of the following sentences, beginning with the given words

1. Peter knew how đồ sộ skate when he was 12. (could)

Peter _______________________________

2. The last time they visited Europe was two years ago. (not)

They _______________________________

3. Robots are not as intelligent as humans. (than)

Humans ____________________________

Exercise 7: Make questions for the underlined parts

1 He goes đồ sộ work by bus in the morning.


2. I lượt thích green and white.


3. He is a doctor.

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