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The editor only works for Android OS, condolences to lớn the iOS owner.

Editor features

The editor was created specifically for restoring lost game progress. There are cases in life when the device on which the game is installed breaks or freezes to lớn such an extent that you need to lớn vì thế a hard reset. And then all game progress disappears, which can accumulate over the years. Few people vì thế backups, including mạ. And for these cases, you can use this editor, restore a mix of plants, as well as their characteristics, and continue to lớn play and have fun. And as a little carrot from the stress of losing saves, make the level of plants a little more.

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It is possible to lớn change the values in the editor: coins, diamonds, gloves, charges, perk points, saplings and mint. There is also the possibility of changing the mix of plants and their costumes. Of course, changing the level of plants, including the level of the master (starts with the letter M) and the number of seeds, which you can enter a lot and increase the level already in the game itself.

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A đoạn phim tutorial, although a bit dated, can be viewed here. And here we quickly go over the main points. The progress of the entire game is contained in a single tệp tin called pp.dat, which is located along the path /android /data /com.ea.game.pvz2_row /files /no_backup/. The first thing to lớn vì thế before starting any action is to lớn save a copy of it in a safe place, best of all even on another device, such as a computer. And then step by step:

  • Completely turn off the game by going to lớn the application settings, selecting the game and clicking Stop
  • Copy pp.dat to lớn a thư mục from which files can be downloaded to lớn the browser (usually this thư mục is download)
  • Select this tệp tin in the size below and click the Submit
  • button
  • Change the desired values and click the Download
  • button
  • If the tệp tin name has changed in the process, then rename it to lớn pp.dat
  • Move and replace the resulting tệp tin to lớn the thư mục with the game /android /data /com.ea.game.pvz2_row /files /no_backup/
  • Start the game and thank or criticize the author

How to lớn downgrade

There is value caching in the game. If you increase the values through the editor, then everything works fine. But if you suddenly want to lớn lower them, for example, the level of a plant, then when you enter the game you will see that nothing has changed. In order for everything to lớn work, you will have to lớn vì thế the following:

  • Of course, save pp.dat in a safe place
  • Go to lớn application settings and select a game there
  • Click on Storage and Erase data, agree to lớn delete
  • Start the game, wait until you are prompted to lớn select an age, select it and turn it off again
  • Return tệp tin pp.dat, already with reduced values and play

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